Expedition East Greenland

Scoresby Sound Sailing Expeditions

This is our all-time favourite expedition! We recommend booking in advance to guarantee your spot on a life-changing experience in one of the most remote and adventurous places on our planet. Live onboard Schooner Opal ​for 7 unforgettable days in the natural wonders of Scoresby Sound in East Greenland. Experience unmatched tranquillity and unique nature, far away from the bustle of everyday life, in this sailing trip around the most remote fjords of Greenland.

Life before and after Greenland

Explorers of this area have often spoken about their life in two phases, before Greenland and after Greenland. The legendary Scoresby Sound is renowned among the few Arctic traveller who gets the chance to experience this part of the world – as an unforgettable place that inspires the imagination.

A trip with the hybrid-electric Schooner Opal can be whatever you want to make it. Perhaps a time to contemplate and relax, finding your way back to yourself while you get comfortable on deck with a cup of coffee, observing icebergs floating past. Or it can be as active as you like. Join us on shore excursions to find ancient Inuit settlements, stand on a polar bear watch or even don your swimsuit for a chilly polar plunge!

Líney Gylfadóttir

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