Specification and Info

Specification and Info

Opal is a 24m topsail schooner. She is a seaworthy traditionally-rigged tall ship with 10 sails, including traditional square sails. The sail area of 500 sqm, makes her the biggest sailing boat in Iceland!

With a rich history, Opal was originally built in 1951 and later converted into a two-masted schooner. In 2015 she was installed with a plug-in hybrid propulsion system marking her the perfect platform for low-impact travelling.

Opal has sailed all over the world, completing many trans-Atlantic crossings. Nowadays, Opal is a popular expedition and exploration vessel in the Arctic, embarking on various journeys from her homeport of Húsavík, Iceland.


Gross tonnage: 69
LOA: 33m (LOD 24m)
Beam: 7m
Sail area: 500 sqm (10 sails)
Hull material: Oak
Built: Damgarten, Germany 1951
Engine: Electric hybrid drive 120Kw
Homeport: Húsavík, Iceland
Flag: Iceland


The sailboat Opal gives us access to remote and secluded areas. With the two onboard zodiacs, we will be able to take you even further to explore grounds that are nowadays hardly ever visited. Every time we board the zodiac, everyone feels like a true explorer.

Safety onboard

You will be given a safety briefing once onboard Opal and further briefings corresponding to the activities during your stay. Safety is always the first priority on board and important for passengers to follow the crew’s instructions at all times.


The main language spoken on board is English, although often the crew speaks a variety of languages. If you need any help with translations into your language, just ask and the team may be able to help. We can certainly teach you a few Icelandic phrases too.


Opal can be experienced in many forms so capacity is different for every occasion. We can accommodate 12 people for overnight tours and expeditions. We take around 45 passengers on board for shorter sailing and whale watching day tours. And according to licence Opal can carry up to 57 passengers, which may come in handy for special short tours upon request.

But Opal could be whatever you dream of. We love to host special events by the harbour, such as weddings, meetings, parties, and incentives, and we can take care of up to 100 guests. Are you dreaming of something? Create your own private custom tour! We can arrange an itinerary around your interests. Get inspired here and let us know.

Deck plan

For a detailed view of Opal, you can download the deck plan here.

The Sails

The Opal, a two-masted schooner, has a total of 10 sails including traditional square sails.

Opal Sail plan drawing by Alexander Van Maanen
Opal sail plan drawing by Alexander Van Maanen

Sail plan:

1 – Flying jib  
2 – Outer jib  
3 – Inner jib  
4 – Staysail  
5 – Upper topsail
6 – Lower topsail
7 – Fore Course
8 – Foresail
9 – Main topsail
10 – Mainsail

The hybrid-electric system

In 2015, Opal was installed with plug-in hybrid-electric propulsion. A unique technique that has received worldwide attention and awards for the eco-friendly initiative.

Technical specifications:

Power Electric Engine: 120 kW (cont.)
Battery: 3 parallel LiFePO4 battery-strings, 600V
Capacity: 360 kWh
Charging: recuperation, plug-in, auxiliary generator