Sails, Lights and Winter Nights

Winter Evening Sailings from Reykjavík

When you need to escape the hustle and bustle of Reykjavik city, this tour offers tranquillity and lets one find his inner calm.

Powered by Electricity

Gliding around Faxaflói Bay in total silence – powered only by wind and electricity and watching dancing lights above the Opal’s mast. Doesn’t it sound dreamy? Yet, it is reality!

Wait, it gets even better – how about experiencing the incredible northern lights from the comfort of the onboard jacuzzi.

Tales and Sails

Onboard the guides will share interesting tales of the past while you enjoy the view of nearby islands, legendary lighthouses and Yoko Ono’s Peace Tower on selected days. Go ahead and assist our crew with putting up the sails, enjoy refreshments from the crew, have a beer in the on-deck hot tub or sip a glass of wine by the fireplace below deck.

This new tour from North Sailing in Reykjavik was a great experience! I can just recommend it! The Opal Schooner is a fantastic ship with a wonderful atmosphere and a charming crew! We had a delicious dinner under deck with a wood-fired oven making it very cosy. Then you will get warm overalls, set the sails or use the very quiet electric motor. And perhaps watch the northern lights from the hot pot while enjoying a drink!