Arctic Adventures
on the hybrid-electric Opal

Welcome onboard Opal

Sailing on the adventurous Opal is an experience that leaves no one untouched. Bringing together the best of both worlds, Opal has an authentic charm and feel while driven by an award-winning hybrid-electric engine.

Unique experience. With the on-deck wooden hot tub, great facilities and a cosy salon with a fireplace below deck, sailing on Opal is always an amazing experience.

Great adventures in good company. It’s a fantastic feeling sailing on Opal with friends and like-minded people, creating unforgettable experiences with a positive impact.

Four things you won’t miss on any of our trips

Environment first

A positive environmental approach throughout the journey

Unique wildlife encounters

A chance to see whales, birds, polar bears and other arctic wildlife

Low impact

Low carbon footprint and a responsible approach to nature

Friendly crew

Travel with our experienced, friendly and positively inclined crew

“Opal is the perfect platform for providing you with intimate access to nature and wildlife”

Meet the Crew

An inspiring group of passionate sailors and explorers with great respect for nature and wildlife.

About the Crew

Upcoming Adventures on Opal

See Opal in action

Get inspired by this great footage by Ása Steinars from an Ocean Missions expedition onboard the hybrid-electric Opal.

Opal Stories

Life onboard Opal is beautiful. Here we will collect real stories from our guests, full of adventure, exploration and mesmerizing experiences.