Hornstrandir skiing and sailing

Backcountry heaven

This tour combines the best of backcountry skiing and sailing. Operating from our hybrid-electric schooner Ópal – our highly skilled and professional crew anchor in remote fjords for a breathtaking and unique experience.

Remote Glacier Fjords

Jökulfirðir are among the most tranquil and isolated places you can find. Jökulfirðir would translate as Glacier Fjords due to the presence of the majestic Drangajökull glacier. Most of Jökulfirðir are inside the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. This incredible area is part of the Northwestern tip of Iceland: The Westfjords.

With a relatively short sailing distance from the iconic Ísafjörður (Fjord of Ice), the main town of Westfjords, Jökulfirðir provides one of the most memorable back country skiing on the planet.

Join Opal for an amazing Ski Expedition

All ski and snowboard enthusiasts are kindly welcome to join our expeditions onboard, dreamlike Opal.

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