Ski and Sail Adventures

Ski to the Sea

Ski from a snowy summit to the sea and enjoy breathtaking views of blue fjords. Whether you pick the Troll peninsula in Northern Iceland, the Lyngen Alps of northern Norway or some more exotic destination such as Svalbard and East Greenland, you can’t choose wrong! Let us take you to one of the most unbelievable ski touring settings on our planet.

New slopes every day

Find new lines every day and cut through fresh snow before anyone else without any crowds. One thing we promise you on the Ski to sea trips is a stunning scenery around you and some of the best skiing terrains in the whole Arctic!

When finishing the last turn of the day, the skiing part is over and we pick you up with a zodiac. Now, ladies and gents, it’s time for Après-Ski! There are two great spots to relax and enjoy well-deserved rest. You can’t make a mistake by jumping in a warm hot tub or chill by a fireplace in the main saloon.

Join Opal for an amazing Ski Expedition

All ski and snowboard enthusiasts are kindly welcome to join our expeditions onboard, dreamlike Opal.

After a delicious dinner, it’s time to check the weather forecast and make plans for the upcoming day. Whether you want to ski other peaks in the area or sail a bit further overnight to pick new lines in the morning. Then we call it a day!

Líney Gylfadóttir

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