Wildlife Tours and Arctic Expeditions

Join Opal for an adventure of a lifetime

Our sailboat Opal is so much more than a boat. It’s more like a floating world of adventures. Sailing on the unique Opal brings together the best of both worlds; The world of traditional sailing with its authentic charm and vibe – and the world of modern green technology. Get inspired by browsing for an Arctic trip of a lifetime aboard Schooner Opal.

Silent Whale Watching

Reduce your carbon footprint and immerse yourself in the sounds of Skjálfandi Bay on the silent Opal.

Whales, Sails and Science

Participate in marine research, micro-plastic analysis and gain insight into ocean conservation on this 3.5-hour tour.

Expedition East Greenland

A breathtaking week-long sailing in the natural wonders of Scoresby Sound in East Greenland.

Greenland with Ása Steinars

Our all-time favourite sailing expedition onboard the
hybrid-electric Ópal led by the amazing Ása Steinars.

Sailing the Edge of the Arctic

A 3-day expedition crossing the Arctic Circle in North Iceland during Summer Solstice.

Ocean Missions Expeditions

A week-long expedition led by the team of Ocean Missions with a focus on ocean conservation.

Ski and Sail Hornstrandir

This tour combines the best of backcountry skiing and sailing. Operating from our hybrid-electric schooner Ópal

Ski and Sail Expeditions

Tailor-made sailing expeditions with access to remote backcountry skiing areas.

Tailor-Made Adventures

Let’s create a custom itinerary for your sailing adventure onboard our one and only Opal.

Sails, Lights and Winter Nights

Evening sailings from Reykjavík old harbour with a chance to witness the northern lights from the sea.